Tribe Sober - inspiring an alcohol free life!

How I Stopped Digging my way to “Rock Bottom” - Tamar Medford

April 3, 2021

Tribe Sober - inpiring an alcohol-free life!

My guest this week is Canadian author and life coach, Tamar Medford. 

Since overcoming her own 20-year battle with drugs, alcohol and obesity in 2012, Tamar has dedicated her life to empowering others to reach their true potential.

In this Episode

  • Although Tamar had a really happy childhood she went off the rails during her teenage years
  • She remembers getting drunk at a party when she was 14 and feeling that the world had gone from black and white to colour
  • She spent years chasing that feeling - and believes that those of us who become dependent experience a more intense high
  • In her twenties she got into hard drugs which enabled her to drink even more - she saw herself as the "life and soul" of the party
  • She got into addiction and yoyo dieting - eating too much fast food and putting on lots of weight
  • She was married to an alcoholic - they drank lots of beers and vodka each evening - seeing it as the norm
  • Tamar was at her lowest ebb and feeling suicidal when she decided she was going to make a change
  • As she put it she decided to "stop digging" - rather than go on and reach her "rock bottom"
  • With the help of her AA community Tamar managed to get clean and create a different life
  • She created a personal vision "to empower others to live up to their potential" and everything she does aligns with this vision
  • These days Tamar likes to push out of her comfort zone - believing that if she is not uncomfortable then she's not growing..
  • When we get sober we have to "get comfortable with being uncomfortable" in order to discover who we really are 
  • Tamar was worried that she wouldn't be able to have any fun if she gave up drinking but in fact she has found purpose and joy
  • She has used her life experience to help others reach their potential and has written a best selling book 
  • She is also a podcaster and a Life Coach - more info on
  • Tamar's podcast is called "The Road to Health" and her book is "Hope Elevated"


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